Salmon with lemon and dill risotto

You can find the inspiration for this recipe on BBC’s Good Food website, however we made a few changes to the recipe.

You can substitute…

  • 85g mascarpone lite with as much creme fraiche as you like
  • Parsley for dill – recommended, we find dill goes really well with salmon
  • the vegetable stock for any stock you have in the cupboard
  • risotto rice with long grain rice (both taste just as good in this recipe but we prefer to make this dish with risotto rice)

As you can tell from the above, there is a lot you can change about the recipe and the end product will taste just as delicious. We find cooking the onion with the rice and stock also makes it really soft and tasty to eat, mixing in nicely with the creamy, smooth nature of the dish.

The meal is super quick and easy to make and a staple dish in our cookbook.

P.S. don’t forget to top it off with squeezed lemon juice for extra flavour!

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