Shake Shack burgers

Shake Shack is a fast food burger chain which has started popping up in London.

The brand began as a food stall in New York City. The original UK store opened up in Covent Garden in one of the marketplace shops but now the franchise has expanded with a new restaurant in Canary Wharf. Perfect for a quick meal.

Like many burger places it prides itself of its simple cheeseburger but relies on its good meat patty for its unique selling point. The burgers are made of 100% Aberdeen Angus Beef, grass fed organic meat and you can taste the difference (not to intentionally quote Sainsbury’s). The patty also comes in irregular sizes which makes me feel its more freshly prepared compared to the perfectly round machine-processed meat of some other chains.

We ordered a ShakeShack cheeseburger and a SmokeShake (cheeseburger with bacon and chopped cherry peppers). I prefer a variation on the simple cheeseburger and the pickled red pepper relish gave the burger a nice but not so strong spicy taste.

On the side we also had two portions of the crinkle cut fries, one with a smooth cheesey sauce and one without. Last time we visited Shake Shack I made the mistake of ordering one portion of cheesey chips which caused a great rift with my husband who is not a fan of the cheese topping.

Also on the menu is their spin on frozen ice cream called Concrete – frozen custard ice cream to be specific – which comes in various flavours such as Banoffee. Although I decided not to been too greedy and try it, I will definitely need to visit Shake Shack again to sample it.

Menu varies between branches.


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