Dublin – Beshoff Bros

I spotted a few of these restaurants in Dublin. Beshoff Bros brands itself as a fish and chips store and the take away stores in Dublin have a very clean and trendy interior.

We decided to visit this place for lunch on our day trip to Howth. What we got was so much more than take away fish and chips. We visited the Beshoff Bros restaurant in Howth (there is also a separate take away shop in Howth) and were impressed by the menu.

The restaurant is split into a more formal dining area and a supermarket with a café.

For me, nothing beats the pairing of white wine with good seafood. Although I am not a huge fan of battered fish and chips, this place had plenty of other things to choose from. It must be noted that the fish and chips did look delicious though.

I went for my favourite seafood option – calamari – and was pleased that although they were fried they weren’t overly battered with a greasy coating but just slightly crispy. I also spotted a man on a nearby table having what could only be the tentacles of octopus. When it wasn’t on the restaurant menu I inquired and the waitress informed me that the café and the restaurant have a separate menu but they were happy to serve me the octopus from the café menu. The two dishes weren’t overly decorated with spices and flavours but more simply serves and delicious. The freshness of the food for me made the lunch an outstanding meal out.



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