Dublin – Murphy’s ice cream

This place was recommended to us for its original ice cream flavours and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The moment we walked in we were greeted by friendly staff who offered us a sample of as many flavours as we wanted to try.

Their most original flavour seems to be the Sea Salt which was popular amongst our group of friends. The owners of the store seem to periodically experiment with different flavours and even boast on their website that they have in the past made smoked salmon ice cream. So you never know what will be on the menu when you go…

I also went for a Brown Bread flavour (caramelised brown bread blended in small soft chunks) and the Raspberry sorbet. The sweetness of the sorbet went really well with the sea salt. The staff were also kind enough to serve us a small portion in a medium sized cone because some of us decided to go for three flavours – I couldn’t narrow down my choices any further.

Even on a cold and rainy day like ours, this place is worth a visit! The store also has a nice seating area if you want a break from walking around.


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