Flat Iron

I found out about this restaurant through a friend’s Facebook – the modern way of finding new places to eat.

Flat Iron is named after the type of steak they serve. The flat iron beef meat comes from the shoulder of the cow and is typically considered a cheap meat of lesser quality then some other cuts. But Flat Iron cook it to perfection. They recommend it cooked medium rare which makes the steak very tender. At £10 a steak it’s probably the best you can get in London for this price.

When I first visited this place a few years back, they had only two restaurants but now there are four locations where you can try this amazing steak and I’m sure you’ll see more in the future.

Sides: Grilled aubergine topped with cheese, fries and seasonal salad.

Sauce: Traditional peppercorn

This restaurant doesn’t take bookings and is a pretty popular place to eat. I typically visit the Denmark street restaurant as it is less busy than the Covent Garden branch. The good thing about their queuing system is that you can put your name down and go off and they text you when your table is ready. There is a pub near Denmark Street where you can kill time over a pint. I recently went on a Thursday night and although the hostess said the wait would be 1.25 hours and I was 25th in line, we only waited 40 minutes for a table.

Update: If you visit the Covent Garden restaurant, you also get a free cone of ice cream after your meal – salted caramel flavour covered in dark chocolate flakes, so good!



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