Emilia’s Crafted Pasta place

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta restaurant opened up a few months ago in St Katherine’s Docks and I only found out about this place through a friend. It’s an independent restaurant and if you’re a fan of fresh pasta this is definitely a good place for you.

I had never actually visited the marina before. It’s the most picturesque place and walking around you would never believe you were in central London, apart from the skyline all around. The moment I stepped through the gates of St Katherine’s docks I felt like I was transported outside London. The docks are situated next to Tower Bridge and a short walk away from the Tower of London. If you’re in this area you should certainly try this restaurant. It’s a small restaurant with a great view overlooking the boats.

We went for dinner with some friends and sat at the bar which meant we could watch the preparing of the food. The menu is simple but the dishes are executed well.

Starters – We had the burrata (a mozzarella ball with a cream centre) which is served with a toasted ciabatta. The bread is drizzled over with olive oil and the cheese is seasoned with salt and pepper. Although I’m normally a fan of the more seasoned dishes, the simplicity of this starter did not take anything away from it. The cheese was so smooth you could easily spread it over the bread.

For mains I tried the number 2 option on the menu: homemade creamy walnut sauce with chestnut mushrooms on casarecce pasta. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with all the different pasta names, the menu has helpful illustrations at the top to help you pick. Also, check out the ‘Pasta Myths‘ section on their website for some fun facts.

And for dessert – Affogato. A scoop of ice cream served with a shot of espresso – a first for me. When you pour the coffee in it melts the ice cream. Yummy!

The restaurant takes bookings but also has space for walk in visitors.


Burrata with toasted ciabatta



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