Afghan Kitchen – Angel

I’ve been wanting to try Afghan food for some time and this little place in Angel was a great first introduction to the cuisine.

The restaurant has two floors, both of which you can expect to be tightly packed with guests, making use of all the space of the small premise. The Afghan Kitchen also operates a table sharing policy so come ready to eat with friendly strangers.

The menu is simple, with eight classic dishes to choose from. We tried the Lavand e Murgh (Chicken in yoghurt) and Qurma e Gosht kachalo (Lamb with potatoes) with rice. We could tell the Qurma Suhzi Gosht (Lamb with spinach) had been a popular option that day as when we were seated we were told the dish had already sold out. Unfortunately we were also too late to order the Banjon Borani (Aubergine with yoghurt) which we wanted to try.

In the end, it turned out two (of what looks like small) dishes were plenty for us. Cooked in a thinner than a typical curry sauce, the chicken was so flavoursome and tender. The lamb was also very tasty,  prepared in a spicy stew.

We also ordered the Afghan chutney and fresh bread on the side. The bread was huge and baked to a crispy finish – good for soaking into the Afghan chutney, which was more of a vinegar dressing.

To drink I had the dogh (yoghurt & mint drink), very similar to my favourite drink Ayran, with the addition of mint. As I’m not a huge fan of mint I was pleased the herb wasn’t overpowering.

We were impressed with the food and are always pleasantly surprised to find good food like this for less than £30 for two.

The restaurant takes bookings and this is recommended as the place is quite popular. But on a Saturday night we didn’t have to wait too long before we got a table, mainly because I think this place still remains a bit of a hidden gem.


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