Ruse, Bulgaria – Nedelya Bakery

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then I’d recommend a visit to the Nedelya cafe and patisserie. It’s one place I always make sure to visit when travelling back home.

The chain has stores all over Bulgaria and has also expanded to Bucharest in Romania.

On my last trip I had the White Nedelya (Sunday) cake: chocolate syrup-soaked sponge with a light fresh cream in the middle with white chocolate and caramelised crushed walnuts on the outside. The white chocolate had a subtle sweetness and the soft syrup sponge was heavenly.

The Raspberry Eclair cake was also delicious. The cake is made with filled eclairs in the base, topped with raspberries and gelatin and covered on the side with thin almond flakes. It’s light and fruity and perfect for a hot summer day.

The bakery has a huge selection of other classics and all cakes are handmade.

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