Welcome to my little piece of WordPress!

As my friends will tell you, the topic of food dominates a lot of my conversations. I love asking people about their favourite places to eat.

I live in London and the city has so many great restaurants but it’s often hard to know where to start. I get many ideas from Timeout but I can often spend hours browsing the internet to shortlist the best spots. So instead I find it easier ask friends for recommendations and then save their suggestions in Google Maps. When I’m next in the area it’s a really good way of figuring out what’s nearby.

I also love to cook – when I have time, and when I don’t have time I love to watch my husband cook!

Eating never stops… especially when travelling to new places. It’s probably my number one expense on the travel budget because I always want to try all new and interesting foods… within limits – when in Beijing’s famous Wangfujing Market I passed on the scorpion because it didn’t look tasty enough!

Through this blog I hope to share with you some recommendations for good places to eat (instead of reviewing good and bad restaurants I will suggest the ones I’ve liked!) and recipes to try. Excuse the photos on this blog, they aren’t the best styled but the food in them always tastes good.